P90x Review

P90x Review

Power 90 Extreme, or more popularly known as P90X, is 90 days rigorous fitness program. The plan works in conjunction with a dietary and nutrition plan and it intended to significantly improve the fitness level in 90 Days. The program was intended to be taken at the home. It was developed by Tony Horton.

P90X system was launched in the year of 2003 and is being provided by Beachbody.

The use of rigorous fitness program is not a new phenomenon. If you are an athlete or you participate in any state level program, your coach is likely to put you through rigorous training. What P90X system does is that – it puts you on a systematic training that helps you in your physical fitness?

The nutrition is a part of the overall plan of the P90X. The ultimate goal is to let the user know how protein and carbohydrate affect their bodies. This basically creates the awareness about the protein and the carbohydrate. The plan itself is broken into two parts. During the first part, there is the emphasis on more protein and less carbohydrate. The plan increases the intake of the carbohydrate in the second stage. The third stage becomes essentially a diet that is more intended for the athlete’s diet. In this phase, the diet becomes more carbohydrate based.

The P90X program is sold as a set of 12 DVD instruction suite.

You should notice that P90X plan to take the best of the east and west by combining yoga and stretching with strength training, cardio and polymetric. But this is not all of it. The P90X has a nutrition guide along with a fitness plan. The supplied DVD contains Horton as the instructor. The DVD also have several fitness models who show how to do a particular exercise.

The total program cost is $119.85. When you purchase it, initially you are charged $39.95. You are provided a DVD. If you like to continue the program, you are supplied with more DVD and an additional charge is made.

The P90X is not for the beginners. It is for you if you want to really build a body like professional. There are several positive reviews floating around the website. Readers are advised to be cautious about these, as some of these are written by the Beachbody promoters themselves. The program will work, but it will also depend upon your drive. The DVDs and the instruction will definitely help. But it is you who are going to make it successful. And your drive is less, it is not clear how P90X DVD is going to help.

The set of the 12 DVDs are as follows

1. Chest & Back – Exercises related to the Chest and the Back.
2. Plyometrics – For Fast powerful movements
3. Shoulders & Arms – Helps building the muscle on Shoulder and Arms
4. Yoga X – This follows the traditional methods to supplement the Muscle Building
5. Legs & Back – Helps in the muscle building in legs
6. Kenpo X – Based upon Karate
7. X Stretch
8. Core Synergistics
9. Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
10. Back & Biceps
11. Cardio X
12. Ab Ripper X

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