Lose Weight : The Proper Way

May 28th, 2010 by Susan Leave a reply »

Many people assume that everyone knows the necessary information on how to lose weight correctly, but clearly if you want to read this article, you will realize that there are many facts about fat loss that you have not yet heard. According to the Central Research Institute in Japan, you can reduce the accumulation of body fat by about 10% when you add vinegar to your diet. According to researcher Dr. Kondo, the results were startling. The search result says that we can radically reduce our body fat by adding 15 ml of vinegar only on our diets.

But the committee does not focus only on the vinegar because they believe that there are so many components that help to reduce the accumulation of body fat in our body. The addition of mustard and about 1 tablespoon of chili sauce such as Tabasco will help your body, speeding up the metabolism by about 15% after two hours of having a meal. A component of red pepper is believed to be responsible for these great benefits. So to lose weight is not that big of a problem.

The component of chilli is also responsible in making a very spicy chili sauce and has the capacity to control the appetite. Not only that, the chili is more nutritious and rich in vitamin C than an orange whole. Chilli is also rich in potassium, fiber and vitamin A and many experts believe that the fight against diseases such as cancer and heart problems.


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